The Bletchley Circle: Season 2 (2014) — Millie
The Bletchley Circle: Season 2 (2014) — Millie

Latest Projects

  • Churchill’s Secret

    Set during the summer months of 1953, Churchill — now Prime Minister for the second time and in his late 70s — suffers a life-threatening stroke, which is kept secret from the world. Told from the viewpoint of his young nurse, Millie, the drama follows his battle to recover as his long-suffering wife Clemmie, desperately hopes the stroke will force Winston to retire, while his political friends and foes scheme to find his successor. Meanwhile his adult children descend on Chartwell, unsure if he will pull through, as tensions within his family begin to surface.

  • Capital

    The residents of Pepys Road, London — a banker and his shopaholic wife, an elderly woman dying of a brain tumour, the Pakistani family who run the local shop, the young football star from Senegal and his minder — all receive anonymous postcards with a simple message: We Want What You Have. Who is behind it? What do they want? As the mystery of the postcards deepens, the world around Pepys Road is turned upside down by the financial crash and all of its residents' lives change beyond recognition over the course of the next year.

Recent News

  • 22nd June 2015

    Server move

    Over the weekend we moved to a new web server: SmartHosting. Thanks to the team for making the move trouble-free! If you spot any errors, please leave a comment on this post. We will be working hard to get the site updated over the coming weeks and months. We realise there has been a bit […]

  • 6th July 2014

    Two new TV series announced

    The career section has been updated as two new projects have been officially announced: Detectorists, a new sitcom about metal detector enthusiasts, written and directed by Mackenzie Crook, and due to air on BBC Four at the end of 2014. Also The Game, a drama series about espionage, set in the 1970s. Keep an eye […]

  • 18th May 2014

    Rachael Stirling nominated for two Offies

    Rachael Stirling has been nominated twice this year for two off West End theatre performances, in Variation on a Theme at the Finborough, and An Intervention at Watford Palace Theatre. You can read the full list of nominees at The Offies cover a full calendar year and winners are announced the following year. The […]

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